Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am here
Last night I looked at a dead baby
passed from the womb of a friend-sister
someone I love
An honour to sit in this place
hold life in a bowl, in my arms
I talk to the Universe, to God

God, Universe, Creator
Make me worthy of this place at your table
Rebuild me from the place where I began
A terrified child
Release me from my fear of darkness,
My fear of Everything that you created
that makes me stronger, more capable
of witnessing your Divinity
In Death
In Life
In Suffering and Joy

Help me to create for myself
a state of Grace
Lift me from the chaos in my heart
so that I may serve others in the knowledge
That I was created to witness
That I am strong enough to suffer
and to be with others through their own suffering
I am here with my eyes wide open