Friday, May 13, 2011

voices from the carnival

In the beginning
A man on stilts walks by, laughing maniacally.  An obviously drunken clown follows,  playing some sort of musical instrument.
"That about sums it up," my friend says, and I nod.
In the end
A woman walks by, dressed in crappy stuffed animals and almost nothing else, face askew.  Her navel glints like a diamond in the middle of the Void
I am falling
Leather Face:
(His eyes are changing, he has forgotten what he was taught to say so many years ago)
In this climate of absolute despair
Despair is absolute
Hold onto this

She: Walks on by
They: Walk on by
Everyone walks on by
Me and Leatherface look at each other and smile

Two kids are pushing an old lady in a wheelchair.  Their black hair shines in the sun and they stop and watch the game.
"Wanna play?" I ask, and they shake their heads in unison.
"Got no money."
And I want to pull it all down
pull it all down
walk away
the sun