Sunday, November 14, 2010

My own Eyes

"How are you, son?"

The voice was that of an older relative, a man

and I sparkled like a star for a moment

My dad looked at me and shrugged

"This is one of my girls," he answered.

Inside I felt a meteor hit my heart

I was eight years old

My chest still flat, my body long and lanky

my hair licking at my ears in waves that wanted to be.

Later I lay on my back in the grass and looked down at my body

There was a bump there, I saw it for myself

I let the moonlight hit my eyes and carry me away

Still later...

"This is what it feels like to kiss a boy," I told her, and the others stared

when I kissed her on the lips, my eyes closed but twinkling

so soft

When I opened them again the girls looked away and I did too

scuffed my feet against the floor and bit my lip till it bled

I walked home as if in a trance

On the way

A voice came from under my shoe

"But you're not a boy."

My polka-dot blouse giggled nervously

But later on I took them off

threw them in a heap in the corner of my room

I kept my underpants on

grabbed a sock from my drawer and opened up the blinds

My own venetian eyes drank in the stars outside my window

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