Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Bus

today was full of ghosts.

the bus driver's smile was thin and transparent, and there was a hint of rot in his breath as he said hello. i looked around the bus as i walked to the back, and there was no one there. there were no sounds; the bodies were skeletal.

the bus floated down main street, pausing to pick up people who wait on the sidewalk, sheltering themselves from the cold. a few feet away are others, ones who wait forever while an endless stream of cars and buses roar past them. they are invisible, frozen in the absence of the sun.

last night i walked to the river with friends in the middle of the night. we built a fire and my shoes were full of snow. there was no one around... the city was empty.

ghosts. some are more obvious than others. they leak tears endlessly, flooding doorways and alleyways while we look in the other direction, waiting for a bus.

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