Monday, February 22, 2010

For M.E

I saw you as a newborn baby, looking around for the man who wasn't there
No sharp eyes open, watching for intruders...
a baby boy protecting his mama
crying, saying hey.. I'm worth something, with a heavy heart
not believing it

I saw you as a child walking alone, dark eyes on the ground, looking for a glint of silver on the sidewalk
something to bring home to his mama
Eyes always open, waiting for something
saying what the fuck
I deserve something else
not believing it

I see you as a man, watching like you were never watched
scooping children up with your eyes
because they're not yours
saying fuck i can do this
not believing it

Because in this world some are meant to suffer
and I love you in your suffering
want to bring you back to the beginning where
there was someone missing
fill in the blank
so you didn't have to fight so hard
so you could believe yourself

as a baby when you said
when the little boy said
when you hear yourself saying
I should be here

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