Monday, February 22, 2010

Bus Ride

Last night on the bus
I watched a baby fall asleep, drinking from a propped bottle. He was lying on his back and he was startled by the night/bus sounds off and on. His mom was looking out the window, but I never took my eyes off of him. His own eyes drifted open and closed as he drank his milk. I tried to talk to him in my mind.
"It's okay" I told him.
"The world is scary sometimes, but at least you have the sky, and that will be your blanket. The water will wash you. Sshhhh.... you are loved"
His eyes closed and stayed closed.

A man got on the bus shortly after that. He had cuts all over his arms and a big backpack and blanket. I tried to speak to him with my mind,
"Look at me," I said over and over again, and he would turn in my direction but wouldn't make eye contact.
"Shhh...." I said to him, and I knew he heard me. I rested my head against the window and wished I was home.

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